Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I unsubscribe from a group?

    You have two options. First, You can simply reply to any message you received which you no longer want with the word REMOVE. If you receive via email, REMOVE can go in the subject or body. It must be the only word.

    Second, you can go to the My Account page (You must be logged in) and then click on Groups I've joined. Click Show Detail for group you no longer wish to receive and then remove your device(s) and/or email addresses from that group.

  • How can I join a group?

    There are two kinds of groups at NOTIFYall.com, Public and Private. For Public groups, you can click on the Join a Group link above. This will list all public groups and you can click on the ones you wish to join (you must be logged in).

    You can also text the word JOIN to the group's 10-digit number (from a text capable device) or send an email mesage (with the word JOIN in the subject or body) to the groups 10-digit-number@secure.notifyall.com (i.e. 5052290000@secure.notifyall.com).

    For Private groups, you must either contact the group's owner, or send the message JOIN followed by the groups join password.

  • I forgot my Login/Password. How can I reset?

    Click on the Group Owner/Member Login link above. When the Login pop-up box appears, click the link to reset.

    Or, just click HERE.

  • My Email Address has changed. How do I change it in NOTIFYall?

    You can change your email address on the My Account page. The link is at the bottom of this page. Once there, click on My Devices/Emails, then the appropriate Manage button


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